Amin [Generation 69]

Musician, Co-owner of Decline

Amin is the Co-Owner of Decline, a place where bands can play to an audience and where everyone feels comfortable. He is also the guitarist of Generation 69, the first winner of VANS Musicians Wanted in Singapore; the band believes their music can send out positive statements through hard music, shouting out to everyone who has hopes and dreams to make the world a better place.

An Interview with Amin [Generation 69]

How were you first inspired to get involved in music?

There was no real inspiration. I just wanted to be part of a band.

What prompted you to be judge?

I am a technical/sound person. So I guess I wanted to share my views and experience in that as a judge. Usually judges might lookout for showmanship and appearances, but I'd like to look at technicalities such as guitar sound, intonation, vocal techniques, drum techniques, song arrangement, gear setup etc.

What are you looking out for in this year’s competition?

I'm looking out for new sounds, for artists to showcase their talents and capabilities.

Who are your top 3 artists?

Right now, my playlist would be West Grand Boulevard, Nothing and Jimmy Cliff.