weish [.gif]

Musician, Producer

weish is a Singaporean artist whose primary medium is live loops, creating a multilayered landscape of sounds not just with singing, but her inventive use of vocals to create immersive and percussive effects. Over the past 6 years, weish has performed her compositions around the world. Her electronic duo .gif and experimental outfit sub:shaman have seen stages from London to Brisbane, Japan to Beijing, Jakarta to Manila and many more in between. Inhabiting a vital intersection between different scenes, weish has collaborated across a vast range of disciplines. Her work is constantly enriched by working with poets, visual artists, theatre companies, and more. Through these, she strives to bring more diverse artists and art appreciators together, build a truly vibrant arts community in Singapore.

An Interview with weish [.gif]

How were you first inspired to get involved in music?

My home was always filled with all kinds of music growing up, thanks to my music-loving parents. But I never fancied myself a singer, much less a composer! It happened quite by chance, really — I started singing at bars and cafés for fun (and some pocket money) in university. Then I met Din, who was a DJ at the time. One birthday, he and some friends pooled together to buy me a looper... and the rest is history.

What prompted you to be judge?

I was invited to be a judge, and I am very happy and excited to be a part of this!

What are you looking out for in this year’s competition?

I always look for originality and honesty, I guess? In any new music I listen to. I feel you can always tell, somehow, when artists are being themselves, or just trying to mimic a trend or style. It means a lot to me that there is real emotion and some inventiveness, in no matter what form.

Who are your top 3 artists?

I've always hated this question... way too difficult!!! So many good ones. I’ll make it easier by limiting it to local acts –– B Quartet, Charlie Lim, and... this new girl, Sarah Teh, who is really one to look out for.