Musicians Wanted 2019

Arshad Sunday

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Muhammad Arshad, also known as Arshad Sunday, is an aspiring singer and composer born and raised in sunny Singapore. He released his debut single on May 2018 called 'Formidable Love', a song that he composed when he was 16. Recently he have released one of the song in his debut EP on YouTube called 'Carpet's Emotion'. Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop and Rock are some of his favourite genres. He joined Asia's Got Talent Season 1 in 2015 and managed to face the judges in Iskandar Pinewood Studios Johor Bahru in Judges Audition Round. He was awarded with Diamond Award in B-Dazzled U21 for 3 consecutive years from 2014-2017. Apart from singing, he is also a beatboxer and was once the Top 8 Beatboxer in Singapore in 2015. Currently he is conducting beatbox workshops and classes. He is also seen busking and spreading the joy of music around the streets of Singapore.