Musicians Wanted 2019

Faux Pas

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Formed in early 2013, Faux Pas is a Rock n' Roll band comprising four long-time friends (Shalihin, Ben, Eddy & Nabil) who saw out the best years of their college lives, sharing the same ambitions and ideals musically. Having established themselves in their local scene over the last few years, the band has been growing from strength to strength; playing at various gigs and venues. Through these shows, they have played alongside other notable acts such as The Pinholes, Koji, Obedient Wives Club, Kyoto Protocol, Take-Off, and The F-16s, to name a few. Additionally, the band has undergone mentorship programmes with Anaki Records in 2014 and Noise Singapore in 2015. Their biggest achievement to date, however, has been playing Baybeats 2017; Singapore’s biggest alternative music festival. Faux Pas combines various musical genres and influences into their sound, some of which include bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and The Strokes. By mixing thumping grooves, overdriven tones and raspy vocals, the band has crafted a signature sound that is fast-paced; resulting in energetic and engaging live performances. The title of the song in the Youtube submission is You Only Live Once; performed at Baybeats 2017.