Musicians Wanted 2019


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I'm KellyAnnalineZ, a 20-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter who dreams of breaking into the international music scene someday. I'm currently a year 2 NUS business student, but I'm pursuing my musical passions with full force at the same time as I want to make the most of this one life that I've got to live. I first started writing songs when I was 11 years old and it's become a personal space for me to explore my feelings and creativity. I dream of being an established music artiste in the Taiwanese or Australian music scene and in the short-run, I hope to release a bilingual EP of original songs. "Cologne" is a pop-country ballad about missing the little things of someone that you used to be close to. It's a feeling I went through that I believe everyone can relate to in their own ways as well. I recently participated in The Dream Composition 2019 with "Cologne" which emerged as champion of the English category. This provided opportunities for me to professionally record and release "Cologne" on streaming platforms such as Spotify. However, I wish to bring "Cologne" and my future music to greater heights in the international music scene through Vans!