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Made with Monsters

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Made with Monsters is an alternative emo/post-hardcore quartet that combines elements from emo, grunge, post-rock, shoegaze, and pop punk music with heavy drums, melodic guitar patterns, and gritty vocals along with emotionally driven lyrics. 
Formed in 2018 by a group of enigmatic young students in the Singapore Institute of Management, they started off as a cover band before releasing their first official single ‘Cherry’ in April 2018. Their debut EP, 'Warmer.', was released in May 2019, with a single off the EP titled 'The Transient State' released earlier in February 2019. The EP features 6 songs each with their own individual feel and meaning, encapsulating the emotion of a solitary life, sinking into one's own negative thoughts and finding difficulty in breaking out of a depressive state, delivered in raw, heartfelt melodies.