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..On Surge's Rhapsody! 313

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Originally formed in 2013,On Surge's Rhapsody! 313 (OSR313)  was made up by the remaining members of 'Devils may cry' band Bear teddy(guitarist/leader), Baecon(Vocal/scremer) and past bass player Dee rookie. Which in the begining the band was playing punk rock till they were join by a hip hop duo from 'Da Forze' the rapper Pat Mishima( used to be called Alt) and Dj ZaiFric,only then they decided to play Nu metal as the influence of metal and rap along with Dj ZaiFric  with his turtables sounds were mashed together and produce a very big Nu metal influnce in their music. Their first debut performance with Impire Yankidal as their first drummer and Ice as the lead guitarist was at 'Home Club'(no longer in operation). Being the last band to play and for the first time for the crowd was a tense moment for the band.But nevertherless OSR313 make an existance tru that day.Impire yankidal was later on replace by Sufi sayuti on drums and Ice was replace by Hamif Kazito from Fight for Freya. With the new line up and Hamif in the team, their music grew way beyond then just Nu metal. Hamif kazaito was post hardcore gutarist and with this new combination thus a new genre was born which was called Nu Vigilante Core. And this surge had brought them to the finals of Yamaha asian beats in the year 2015 where Dee rookie became the best bassits for that year. With the new sounds, matching uniforms and masks OSR313 was rising through the scene. But sadly Sufi Sayuti left the band and Byull took over Sufi's position. OSR313 continues to fight on as they perform in alot of local shows such as Visuallize 2016-18. Their big break was in 2018 when they got to perform in Anaki rock the city in March 2018 and on the same month their first studio recorded single 'Tumor' was played on Ria 89.7fm Vicious Volume by dj Brother Bo. The band made it to the top list of Baybeats Budding Band and went for finals for Ignite 2018 for that year...unluckily Hamif was involve in an accident a day before Ignite finals and a month before the band plays at Baybeat 2018. Hamif was in a terrible condition with broken bones and wrecking nerves. With one member less the band only manage to get  2nd place in the Ignite finals. Tino a.k.a Synn fills in Hamif place in the Baybeats 2018.Baybeats was the band introduction to the rest of the world and was the biggest ever achievement made by the band so far. Synn continue to sessionist for the band as they enter the studio again at 'Typhoon studio' for their next single called 'Dansa' a billingual malay/english song which capture many hearts. Their first overseas gig was at johor bahru 'Wreck em out" and for the first time OSR313 sound was playing in JB but Dee rookie unable to play and was covered by Synn intstead.Visualize 2018 marks the third time OSR313 play for Table studio and was also the last time we ever hear the bass sound from the amazing Dee rookie as he resign due to some personal issues. OSR313 felt the lost as Dee was also the founding member and the most lovable person in the band. Thus Synn replaced Dee position and Sam Paige(current lead guitarist) was recruited through a guitar audition.