Musicians Wanted 2019


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Dubbed as one of the top 6 Singaporeans DJs that’s making a big impact in the region. His humble roots as an emcee took him to great heights. Conquering the scene in Singapore, earned him accolades such as being Singapore’s top battle rapper and winning awards throughout Asia. And now dubbed as one of Singapore's artists that are making a big impact in the region. Being a purveyor of deep good vibes, Tech'1 listened to an array of genres whilst growing up. His biggest music influences stemmed from the ones that fed his soul with raw emotions, crazy raps, rhymes and funkiest beats which ignited the flame in him for music. He also has performed at the ESPN Asian X-Games and currently a FISE DJ, and has performed at several notable events round Asia such as World DJ Festival and Ultra music festival Singapore and he is working closely with Pioneer DJ Asia as Head Instructor for their DJ Program .