Musicians Wanted 2019

Trust The Chaos

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Trust The Chaos shapes a variety of genres into rhythmically powerful and musically diverse sound. The sonic amalgamation of Trust The Chaos is a juxtaposition of influences that include One Ok Rock, Avenged Sevenfold, Architects and Bring Me The Horizon. The music is powered by unbreakable harmonies with seamless songwriting adeptness through the cohesive blend of soaring vocals, catchy guitar riffs and thumping bass, tied together with foot stomping percussive beats. The result is a collection fist-pumping anthems that are as cathartic to play as they are to hear. Their debut EP, UNRAVEL, will be released in January 2019 and it will include 3 previously released singles - ‘Mirror’, ‘Resistance’ and ‘Lying to Myself’. This is a curated album which features a collection of pulsating tracks that touches on the themes of the notion of being human.