Clarence Chan

Bandwagon Founder, Bedroom Musician

Music and entrepreneurship are two of my biggest passions. They have resulted in me merging both and finding opportunities in the music business. I hope to make a difference in the global music space, starting with my own backyard in Southeast Asia.

An Interview with Clarence Chan

How did you get started in music?

I studied in Singapore from a regular schooling track and I love music. I started to play the organ when I was three, then I went to the piano then the violin. I went to the Berkeley College of Music for a summer just to realize if I should pursue music as a degree. I’ve always wanted to be in a music space but at the same time I’ve always had a knack for business, in solving problems, in taking risks, bringing new value. I like the challenge of bringing together people working toward a common vision. That’s essentially how Bandwagon started.

Why did you agree to join VANS Musicians Wanted as a judge?

VANS Musicians Wanted has been around for the last few years and every year, it just gets bigger and better. I'm also happy to see more local bands take the stage and to share any relevant experiences where I can.

What are your hopes for Singapore's music scene?

I want it to succeed! Bandwagon is also working with the National Arts Council (NAC) on Hear65, a movement for Singaporean music, and our vision is to have Singaporeans and the world discover and embrace Singaporean music!

What do you hope to see from VANS Musicians Wanted this year?

Great talent and music!

Share one fun fact about yourself!

I used to be part of a band back in University!