A rapper, producer and songwriter with his latest single "B****, I'm on an Obike" on all digital platforms. He’s on a journey since his first album “Paradise”. He’s built a level of success from songs painted with a Singapore East Coast background to Bukit Ho Swee and clubs on South Bridge Road. TLCB shares his raw truth and perspective of life in the lion city.

An Interview with THELIONCITYBOY

How did you get started in music?

I think of all the opportunities that came, the ones that really tossed me in to the fire were the early open-mics, or secondary school shows that helped me become the artists I am today. Those moments felt so vulnerable, trying to introduce yourself to the universe and sharing this intention of becoming the artist you hope to be. It’s probably one of the more important moments in my career. I met so many awesome people, that became my peers, members of my team or just friends. You always need a good support system around you in a creative environment like music - it can get really hard. So it’s best to have love and support surround you!

Why did you agree to join VANS Musicians Wanted as a judge?

I’m a huge fan of the brand because of the artists that have inspired me through them like Kid Cudi, Travis Scott and even G-Eazy these days. They’re the rappers with the alternate voice or look from your typical rapper. I relate a lot to that. Vans Singapore has always made a genuine effort to get to know and be part of Singapore street culture and all that surrounds it - the people, the venues and the hustle it takes to survive in it. I’m just grateful to be involved as a judge in this competition with good people working behind the scenes to give new artists a great platform.

What are your hopes for Singapore's music scene?

That more Singaporean stars shine. The world deserves to know of the amazing talent that’s here at home.

What do you hope to see from VANS Musicians Wanted this year?

The grand prize is amazing. To open for Schoolboy Q!!! I wanna see the acts really go for it, bring 1000% on that stage as if this is their moment.

Share one fun fact about yourself!

I really believed at one point England could have won the 2018 World Cup.