Elijah Kislevitz


Elijah has an invested interest in music. Playing in bands since age 15, his musical quest led him to play in over 50 cities in China. He now resides in Singapore with his wife and daughter, oversees marketing for Vans Singapore, and still gets a chance to strum the guitar once in a while.

An Interview with Elijah Kislevitz

How did you get started in music?

I was always drawn to the guitar. Loved the way they looked, the way they sounded. Begged my parents for a guitar at 13, they gave in, and that was that. Game on!

Why did you agree to join VANS Musicians Wanted as a judge?

I love seeing first hand what kind of talent and creativity is out there. The kind of people that capitalize on these kinds of opportunities are the kinds of talents I want to see!

What are your hopes for Singapore’s music scene?

There is some great talent out there, in all genres of music. My hopes are that more platforms and support are provided to these people so that their talents can be recognized and music can become a real way of life for those that choose it.

What do you hope to see at VANS Musicians Wanted this year?

Face melting solos, good grooves, tight rhymes, and high decibel awesomeness!

Share one fun fact about yourself!

Whenever I hear the song Escape (Rupert Holmes “If You Like Pina Coladas”) it makes me want to drink a Pina Colada. And as soon as I do it reminds me I hate Pina Coladas.