Musicians Wanted 2018


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Voyagers of a new musical frontier, the Astronauts galvanise old-school RnB with slick new age funk. Formed in June 2016, the band is a quintet of like-minded musicians brought together by the love of all things funky and soulful. After releasing "Get Close" and "I'm No Good" in 2017, the Astronauts went full force into 2018 with "Kryptonite" peaking at #4 on Spotify Singapore’s Viral 50 playlist. Armed with a 13-piece funk band and backed by prolific dancers from Lion City Lockers, the Astronauts most recently wowed audiences at their sold-out EP launch with a spectacular show and have since been lauded for their impressive showmanship and wildly entertaining performances. The Astronauts continue to push the boundaries of live shows- bringing to the stage their signature sound of slick funk combined with the fiery energy of choreographed dance. Moving forward, the band is now hard at work with more performances and new music.