Musicians Wanted 2018

Flawed Element

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Flawed Element is a hardrock/mainstream metal band that has been around for more than a decade. Flawed Element unique style of music is easily defined with catchy hard hitting melodies, electronic infused effects and a signature rock/metal pitch perfect vocal singing style that accompany it. After releasing their concept album in 2011; Breaking The Silence, Flawed Element was invited back to play at the Baybest Festival Powerhouse Stage in 2013. Since then, the band has been on hiatus. Flawed Element success story comes from the massive following and ever growing fanbase. They have won over thousands of fans internationally and in their home country Singapore; through an active Internet presence, online radio streaming and their high-energy live shows. In 2017, Frontman Joe Chahal was invited to speak on radio at Power 98 and he announced an unofficial statement about a return to the studio and that work is in progress for a second album. Flawed Element have set plans to comeback to bring back the energy in their live shows that they were always known for and to take their music to a bigger and larger stage.