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Mucus Mortuary

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2 Drunk fellas at a Halloween party decided to draw a pentagram with some piss and beer, which inadvertently summoned the Ahlian Genie from Singaland (her shoulder angkung kan pua chio with a majestic glow) "You shall form a throwdown heavy metal band with intense beat down riffs accompanied by fast paced and immense ejaculation on the drums. With this you will help feed the hunger of many who needs to simply vent their anger and frustration and bring peace (aka piss) to the world" the female deity echoed in thick Singlish Upon hearing this, one of the handsome drunk fellas sneezed violently creating lots of mucus. The Ahlian Genie said "Thus, the first word of you band name shall be Mucus" A child and his mother passed by this scene on their way to the provision shop. The 2nd drunk fella overheard the conversation. "Ma, at home we running out of tuary liao. We need MORE tuary." Thus the 2nd word of the band name came to be Mortuary. Henceforth, Mucus Mortuary was born. This is the official, factual historical story of Mucus Mortuary. It is based on 100% real events.