Musicians Wanted 2018


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Hello! We are Popwhizzee, hailing from Kallangfornia, Singapore. Our music is heavily influenced by punk-rock from the nostalgic 90s’, fused with R&B and the rhythms of ska & reggae. Sometimes we get confused and hurt ourselves in that confusion. Other times, we’re rockin’ it in our beloved Vans garment & footwear. Popwhizzee started out in the mid-noughties and have been through several incarnations. The personnel may have differed over time, but we are finally settling down for good with our current line-up. Our adventure has thus far taken us from skate-park gigs to Baybeats, and gigs in Malaysia, Indonesia & South Korea. Here’s hoping we make it to Guangzhou on time, in love and in Vans. :-) Hoppin’ & hopin’, Popwhizzee xoxo