Musicians Wanted 2018

Rendered 27

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Rendered 27 is a pop-rock and R&B band consisting of Syahirul Elias (Lead vocals and guitar), Afiq Jones (guitar/vocals), Faiz Osman (bass), Farhan Shafie (drums/percussion) and Farhin Safarwan (lead guitar). Characterized by smooth R&B vocals, and coupled with Top 40 pop-rock sensibilities, Rendered 27 is equally adept at covering radio hits as well as busting out earworm catchy originals, such as their debut single 'Wanderlust', now out on YouTube & Spotify. Borne from a friendship spanning close to a decade, Rendered 27 has performed on big stages such as iLight@Marina Bay, Hard Rock Coliseum Jam, 100 Bands Festival and Ignite! Music Festival. R27 aims to deliver a fresh sound that showcases our chemistry and passion while also putting across a message of positivity. We truly believe in the appeal of our music and hope to be able to share it to as wide an audience as possible.