Musicians Wanted 2018

The Groove Gurus

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3 mad and fun-filled mortals who have come together since they were 14 to put some Groove in your stride and Gurus in your spirit. The Groove Gurus formally known as "Die Hard Melodies" back in 2006, got their name through the inspiration of the Funk and Psychedelic culture. The band released their first single in the middle of 2017, "Friends" which incorporates a tinge of rap, pop, funk and rock. Later that same year, they released their second single "I'm Sorry" which is a pure rock ballad with a catchy melody and "face-melting" solos. In the early days back in 2007 they played numerous shows at places like DXO, The Artshouse, Music Garage and many more. The band took a break for nearly 5 years before deciding to get back together to make the world a better place with their music. We know that there is a lot of anger around the world but The Groove Gurus believes that through music the world can become a better place. Singapore keeps your eyes open for us because we will be "funkin' your brains out of the colours of heaven."