Elsa Mickayla

Elsa Mickayla

Elsa Mickayla is a multi-faceted, pop R&B artist. She recently released her debut self-titled EP. Her single 'Just Us’ has gained over 81k streams on Spotify and was featured on Spotify's 'Chill lah!' Playlist, edited by Brb., Benjamin Kheng, and Sezairi. Mickayla has performed across platforms like IGNITE Stay Home Edition (2020), Vans Musician Wanted (2019), Super Time For U (2019) and Singapore Night Festival (2018). In 2015, she was invited to play at the Indonesia Balloon Arts Festival at Jakarta. 2019 was a significant year for her as an artist. Apart from co- producing and releasing new music on Spotify, she was selected to be a part of the Noise Mentorship Programme, which culminated in a well-received performance at the Esplanade’s Theatre at the Bay for the All Things New series in 2020.

Latest Single

Elsa Mickayla, evanturetime

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Keep Me Guessing (evanturetime Remix)
AUG 08, 2020
Just Us
AUG 21, 2020
How Bad Is The Rain
AUG 21, 2020
Call Me
AUG 21, 2020

Favourite Vans

I love plain designs, it’s easy to match them with any outfits I have.