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Hip Hop
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Hailing from the East Side of Singapore and the independent collective 'UGLY BOYS', P_NEDA (pronounced 'Pee-neh-duh') is a rapper/artist who makes catchy yet oft genre-bending music that matches his dark, introspective persona. His influences and inspirations are as varied as the spectrum of sounds he incorporates, from Hip-hop/Rnb staples like Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and Mac Miller to bands such as Blink-182 and The Smiths. From energetic, angst-ridden lines mocking trust fund kids on his debut single 'I CONFESS' to melodic layered crooning on 'Falling Apart', P_NEDA's music catalog is constantly evolving he covers the more emotive and sometimes painful parts of reality. Despite his hermit-like personality and rare appearances outside of UGLY BOYS, he aims to tap into themes of isolation, grief and triumph over pain that everyone experiences.