Musicians Wanted 2019


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Bonded by their shared love of the action-packed film genre, HE1ST is a 3-piece electro-pop and R&B act made up of Lay Yi (vocals/synth), Boaz Koh (guitar/vocals) and Darren Lee (bass/synth keys). Formed in 2018 with the intention to make music that’s exhilarating and exciting, HE1ST prides themselves on self-produced tunes that embody their adventurous nature while grounded by the authenticity and vulnerability of their lyrics. Inspired by the likes of pop culture heavyweights like Ariana Grande and Lauv, and the exquisite production of acts like Zion. T and Crush, HE1ST sets out to invoke the same high-stakes, edge-of-your-seat breathlessness driven by their namesake.