Musicians Wanted 2019

Rahmat Damansari

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You & Me is Rahmat's debut single and the first song he ever wrote when he was 16. He shared his demo for You & Me on youtube back in 2017. Ever since then, he got more into writing songs and creating originals. He performed You & Me and other of his original songs at shows that he did during the period of his first release. He was also one of the finalists for a national singing competition, NypJam organised by Nanyang Polytechnic powered by 98.7FM. Before he finished this single in the studio, he was interviewed by Ria 89.7FM's DJ Aura Shai to talk about this single and his involvement in song writing. He makes RnB and Pop with a little bit of Jazz influence. This song is about celebrating one's youth, being a teenager in love and loved. This song is also available in Rahmat's mother tongue, Malay.