Musicians Wanted 2019

Kaveh Kanes

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It all started in December 2011 when Asad (vocal) and Mumu (drums) started to form a new band project for fun, adding Zaim on the bass and Rayyan on guitar. We released an EP in 2012 called ‘Arabia's Frankincense Trail’, and from that time on we started to get more serious about the band. Around 2014 Rayyan decided to leave the band and Zaim replaced him by switching position from bass to guitar. As a trio, we started to write new materials for a new album by the end of that year. In November 2015, under Kolibri Rekords (Indonesia) we finally released our first full-length album called ‘Capital’. The album itself received good reception and reaction from the music communities. In mid-2016 Hafid joined the band to complete the formation as a quartet again. In 2017 ‘Capital’ was re-released under Jigsaw Records (USA). Right now, Kaveh Kanes is promoting the second full album 'Loanwords' under Anoa Records. Kaveh Kanes released "The Fountain" as the first single from the new album.