Musicians Wanted 2019


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KEAT is the moniker of 24 year old Singaporean singer-songwriter, Jing Jie Lim. With a touch of humour and a dash of vulnerability, KEAT captures an eclectic yet earnest fusion of modern pop, R&B and jazz. Influenced by the likes of Sam Smith and Troye Sivan, his writing often offers more than what they seem - a sincerity edged by hints of playfulness. Since 2017, KEAT has performed at the Esplanade Concourse’s In Youthful Company & All Things New and NUS Radio Pulze’s Live Lounge. His soothing vocals and impressionable stage presence continue to charm and enthral audiences, inviting them into a world of wonder, reflection and ultimately, liberation. His debut single, Leed Me On will be released in the second half of the year. KEAT hopes to continue sharing his music with those around him, adding joy, humour & positivity into an otherwise fast-paced world.