Musicians Wanted 2019


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Earthy tones and empowering lyrics ground Krysta Joy in her soulful output of R&B and Folk music. Starting out as a multi-instrumentalist at a tender age of 7, Krysta was a drummer first before picking up the guitar and song-writing a year later. Today, the songstress plays the guitar with the tenacity of a seasoned drummer and colours in her music with lyrics of hope and joy. A myriad of RnB-driven beats and colourful, blues-inspired chords, Krysta’s live performances are punctuated with the artfulness of practiced musical sensibilities and the vulnerability of lyrical story-telling. Krysta was the winner of 2017’s edition of the Noise Music Mentorship Programme under the tutelage of Vanessa Fernandez (Vandetta) and Jack Ho (Jack & Rai). She was awarded the Noise Singapore Award by the National Arts Council. Since then, Krysta has been featured on The Straits’ Times ‘ST Sessions’ and has performed at notable local festivals such as 2018’s edition of the Singapore Night Festival. Krysta is currently working on a 5-track EP slated for release in June 2019.