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Hip Hop
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P_NEDA (pronounced 'pee-neh-duh') is a rapper, artist and trill connoisseur hailing from the East side of Singapore. From recording covers over a Rockband microphone and penning down Soulja Boy parodies in class, P_NEDA has gone on to create songs that fuse high-energy or emotions with sharp and fun lyricism, a marriage long-thought to be uncommon in modern hip-hop. Influenced by various artists across multiple genres from Travis Scott and Ski Mask the Slump God to Bon Iver and Blink-182, his songs immerse listeners into worlds and moods based off of both his own experiences and the audience's. With tracks like 'WTH R U?' brimming with hype and braggadocio whilst providing glimpses into the clout and paper-chasing society that is Singapore, and darker songs such as 'LANDING' touching on ideas of escapism and recovery, P_NEDA aims to encompass the quintessential human experience, from the hedonism to the struggle. LONER. LOVER. LOSER.