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The G3sha

Hip Hop
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"the G3sha" has just released a brand new song ! "Pei Pa Koa" is currently featured on hear65 and Men's Folio. It is Being streamed on Asia Life Radio. “PEI PA KOA” a tune that aims to bring a funky vibe to a traditional remedy. One that has grown up with millennials & Generation X. the g3sha serves unforgettable melodies in singlish & cantonese. The prevalent ‘drug’ of choice in Asia, is a black, gooey syrup that is extracted from various fruits. And the ‘Pushers’ are the Tiger Moms. “the g3sha” f.k.a MC Su His last single D.R.E.A.M.S was played on radio (AsiaLIFE Radio) and featured on Hear65 - Home for Singaporean Music